Graceful solutions through a practical, adaptable approach.

We provide our clients with cohesive, comprehensive design and facilitation services. Based on a thorough knowledge of the landscape design process, we develop, program and design results that thoroughly meet client requirements.

Prospect & Refuge is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of both our clients and the end users. Our integrated design approach includes understanding what clients want, and putting ourselves in the place of whoever uses the finished space. We prioritize safety and comfort, and offer users a sense of ownership through input in the planning stages.

This multifaceted approach also means that we take details and documentation seriously. We provide responsible landscape design, provide efficient project management, and meet our deadlines.


Site analysis ▪ Program development ▪ Municipal requirements ▪ LEED requirements 

Building permit packages ▪ Construction/tender documentation ▪ Field review services


Project Types

Multi-Family housing

From condos to rental buildings, multi-family housing requires clear wayfinding, careful coordination with other consultants, and meticulous understanding of municipal by-laws. These sites also provide opportunities to create vibrant courtyard spaces and streetscapes.



Prospect & Refuge is currently involved in hospital projects across the Lower Mainland, as well as seniors’ homes and daycares. We focus on listening closely to the needs of our clients and using evidence-based design to make the best use of the landscape associated with these buildings.



Replacement of parkade membranes can be a time of both great stress and great opportunity for stratas and building owners. We work to develop new landscape designs that satisfy the needs of strata groups, and can often take advantage of the work to create more usable spaces. We are sensitive to budget and the realities of working over structural slabs.



We work throughout the Lower Mainland on industrial sites of all scales. We understand the challenges of working with transportation logistics and the security and circulation needs of such sites, aiming to make the most of these areas. Our specialties include bioswales, grading, habitat creation, and designing appealing and functional amenity spaces for staff and users.

Mixed Use

Projects often combine many uses, such as residential, commercial, and social service. We work with your team to determine the best program for the spaces, maximizing wayfinding, clear definition of spaces, circulation, and functional uses. We love to create outstanding places within complex uses. Public art is also often a part of these projects.


We have been involved in school projects throughout Vancouver, as well as in Surrey, Coquitlam and New Westminster. We understand the unique programs that schools have, and we love working with the teaching staff, facilities staff, and design team to create solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Past school projects include Kitchener Elementary, Norma Rose Point Elementary, Laura Secord Elementary, False Creek Elementary and General Gordon Elementary.