Alyssa Semczyszyn portrait

Alyssa Semczyszyn, MBCSLA

Since 1997, Alyssa’s work as a landscape designer and project manager has focused on building meticulously detailed, usable spaces by balancing considerations of materials, planting, and restoration. She is passionate about city-building, placemaking, and improving the experience of the city at eye level for children and adults of all abilities.

In the past, Alyssa managed community-based ecological restoration projects for Evergreen in parks and on publicly-owned land across the Lower Mainland. This gave her insight into working with different municipalities and communities. Alyssa’s commitment to listening and attention to detail proved useful in negotiating civic permitting processes.

Since beginning her work with Jon Losee in 2008, Alyssa’s client-centric work has concentrated on multi-family housing, institutional projects, and industrial sites. Now, through the company’s metamorphosis into Prospect & Refuge, she is thrilled to be leading the team of enthusiastic, talented, and resourceful landscape architects and designers.

In her free time, Alyssa loves travel, especially with an eye to visiting vibrant urban places around the world. She is also a trail runner, often with a small boy on a bike and a large dog as her companions, and splits her time between Vancouver and Gabriola Island for a better work-life balance.